Our Research Services can help answer the questions you have about any one of Bobit's markets, providing perspective and clarity. We dig deeper to help you sell more.

We can facilitate research projects ranging in scope from simple brand awareness to understanding the role of social networking in your market. Bobit Business Research has done industry research for hundreds of companies, including Ford, GM, Volvo, OPI Products, Honeywell, Tyco, Cooper Notification and the University of Illinois.


Providing Data

We develop market research to help you improve your business performance by providing data that can identify new product needs, untapped channels for distribution, and ideas to increase sales.

Integrated Programs

We can develop integrated programs to help you merchandise the results (if desired), including whitepapers, webcasts, e-newsletters, social media, supplements, etc .

Reliable DataBases

We have reliable databases that can be segmented for your specific needs.

Type of Research STudies

We can do a variety of research projects for your company, including:

  • Advertising Effectiveness StudiesExample
  • Regional Buying Trendsexample
  • Buying Intention Studiesexample
  • Lead Generation and Qualificationexample

Automotive Fleet
Research Study

Modern Tire Dealer
Brand Preference

Modern Tire Dealer
Brand Preference Study

Salon Research,
Conducted by ISBN and Modern Salon

HDT Telematics Study

HDT Vehicle Lift /Service Bay Study

School Bus Market Report