You see remarketing working every day. How often have you visited a website or browsed a shopping site and then seen ads for that very product on another website? That’s remarketing and it’s a powerful way to reach customers who have shown interest in a particular subject.


Specific Targeting Options

Remarketing provides continual brand exposure across platforms with specific targeting options.

Low To High Price campaigns

Remarketing can be as inexpensive or as costly as you’d like (you tell us what your limit is).

Improved Conversion Rates

Industry averages reflect improved conversion rates with remarketing ads.

How it Works

User Visits our site

Cookie Added

User Visits Other Sites

Your Ad

Remarketing on Social Media

The same concept of Google Ads Remarketing can be done on certain social media platforms. Anyone who comes to a certain Bobit Business Media website, can be retargeted with a specific message or post on Facebook and Instagram.

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