Vehicle Fleets

As the undisputed largest fleet publisher and the authority on fleet vehicle management in the world, our Fleet Group reaches over 200,000 commercial and government fleets, small business fleets, work truck fleets, and heavy-duty truck fleets operating approaching 20mil vehicles. We offer a complete mix of media products that deliver news, actionable sales leads, trends and insights to the fleet management market.

Defining Your Solutions
Starts With Defining Your Goals

As a collaborative marketing partner, we listen and provide solutions that align with your business and marketing objectives.

Brand & Product Marketing

Build and maintain your company’s identity and overall impact within a specific industry with a strategic marketing mix. Or bolster performance for revenue for specific products or services with a high-value spotlighting campaign.

Demand & Lead Generation

Your audience journey needs to ensure opportunities for lead generation are at every stage of the buying cycle. From creating initial demand – to driving marketing qualified leads to nurture or sales qualified leads to fill your pipeline.

Thought Leadership

Buying decisions are made based on the perception of a brand’s credibility and expertise within the industry. Position your brand as a thought leader with strategic content marketing that addresses the unique challenges buyers are facing.