Understanding Your Reports: Display Ads

When an ad loads on the page, it is tracked by an independent ad-tracking service. Bobit Business Media uses Google Ad Manager to track all web advertisements, assuring advertisers of accurate reporting through a well-established ad serving platform.

You will receive reports from your sales representative showing how many impressions were delivered to your ad, as well as how many click-throughs it got. When going through your report, remember to keep your campaign goals in mind. A brand-awareness campaign will have a wider reach and receive fewer clicks compared to traffic-driving campaigns because the goal is maximum exposure. Conversely, campaigns focused on conversions could be targeted more narrowly and drive a specific action on your site. This could be driving sign-ups for your newsletter, making a purchase, or another type of engagement on your site.  

Other things to look for from your display ad reports:

  1. Did one size outperform the other display ad sizes?
  2. Was the CTR (or click-through-rate) above or below industry standards? If so, look at your call to action. What was it? How could you improve upon it? Bobit’s marketing solutions team can create your display ads for you to ensure they are as optimized as possible.
  3. If you’ve been testing two different ad creatives, see which one had better response rates. Perhaps one performed better when challenging the visitor with a provocative question. Or, the image used drew more attention. Small changes between the ads make it easier to see which component of the ad pushed it over the top.

Looking to improve your performance? Tailoring your ad creative and landing page to encourage the action you are looking for is key. If you have a new product you want to sell, feature that product in the ad and link to the store page listing with the full description and the “Add to cart” button. The fewer steps the visitor has between clicking the ad and performing the desired action, the more success you will see.

Matching the look and feel between your display ad and landing page will provide a cohesive experience. This will build trust with your visitors since they are getting the content they are expecting. More visitors are viewing sites on their mobile devices. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, it could break the experience. Having a landing page that is optimized for mobile is essential for this consistent experience. Bobit’s marketing solutions team can help you create the ideal landing page to suit your campaign needs.

Additional recommendations:

  1. Use tags on your display ads so you can measure attribution and traffic flow
  2. Be sure your site is mobile as Google penalizes non-mobile responsive sites
  3. Test, test, test! Find the right creative, CTAs, and sizes for your brand

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