The Five 'Knows' for Content Development

By Chris Wolski

Content development is a mix of precise science and an ever-evolving art. What worked today may work tomorrow, and then again it may not.

But even with shifts in print to digital and means of distribution (mail to email to social media), there are five content development strategies that transcend industry, time, medium, and distribution.

These include the five “knows”:

1. Know your audience. You must know who you’re trying to reach—is it a police chief, a fleet mechanic, or the company CFO? This will help direct your approach and thegoal of your content. Without knowing you’re audience, you’ll have no idea who you’re trying to reach — and your message will likely fall flat.

2. Know your goal. It goes without saying, your content goal is almost always to get qualified sales leads. But it’s just as important to know what you want the individual piece of content to accomplish beyond lead generation—is it to educate, is it to promote a product, is it to address an industry problem and how you’re the only one who can solve it?

3. Know your subject. You are most certainly an expert about your market and your industry, but you need to identify a theme or topic that you know and can communicate just as well. Having a goal is one thing—having a compelling subject is quite another. The topic shouldn’t be so narrow that it will only resonate with a very small, niche audience or so broad that it doesn’t really say anything. Your subject needs to be focused, reflect your expertise, and be compelling to a wide enough audience that it will generate interest and sales leads.

4. Know your medium. There’s an old saying that the “medium is the message.” This isn’t entirely true, but determining the medium will follow from the first three strategies. Should your piece of content be a whitepaper, infographic, blog,social media post, or video? It depends on your audience, your goal, and your subject. If you want make a case for vehicle leasing, a whitepaper will likely be your best format. If you want to demonstrate the newest technique in applying nail art, then a step-by-step video might be best.

5. Know it’snot all about you. At every step of the way, you must ask yourself this simple question “how is this helping my (potential) customers?” Your content needs to provide value to the audience. If the content is overly self-serving or offers no takeaway value, it won’t generate leads and build your long-term market value. In fact, it will likely do the opposite.

This is where we come into the picture. Bobit Marketing Solutions can help you every step of the way from identifying your audience to developing and executing the most compelling, audience-driven content possible.We’re about making long-lasting business connections and creating success for our clients. Let us help you!

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