Launching Our New Series 'Understanding Your Reports'

By Stephanie Morino

Understanding Your Reports - Email

Bobit prides itself in offering full-service marketing solutions to our clients, complete with reports to help you better understand the success of your program and potential opportunities moving forward. But our clients’ knowledge in digital advertising ranges, and we want to be sure that no matter where your knowledge set lies, we’re providing you information you can understand and take action with. So, we’re launching the series “Understanding Your Reports.” For our first post, we’ll go over the information you should be paying attention to in your email reports.


Total opens are the total number of emails that are physically opened, including multiple opens by individual users. If you have a high open rate but a low number of unique opens, that’s not necessarily a bad thing as it means those who opened the email are highly engaged and keep coming back to it.

Unique opens are the number of unique individuals who opened the email. You want to pay attention to this number because it tells you how your subject lines are doing. You can improve your unique opens by making subject lines compelling and doing A/B testing.

Total click-thru is the total number of clicks on a link in the epromo, including multiple clicks by the same user. This number is especially important if you have multiple call-to-actions within the email. Are people clicking on one link and then closing the email or are they clicking on multiple CTAs? If you do have just one link, this number will tell you if they revisiting the content multiple times.

The unique click-thru is the number of unique individuals who click on a link. A number we like to look at is a click-to-open rate. Of those who opened the email, how many people actually clicked? To get the number, take your unique clicks and divide by unique opens. This will tell you how engaging your content was according to the individuals who opened it.

What to Look For


  • Is there a certain call to action in your subject lines that does better than others?
  • What content are people clicking on?
  • Is there a time of the week that seems to have higher open rates?
  • Are people opening but not clicking through? Perhaps you need a stronger CTA or an incentive for them to click.


Day of the week can impact email performance. In some industries, for example, businesses are closed on Sundays and Mondays, so those tend to be better days for us to send email. For others, they have no set schedules and work holidays, so day of the week matters less. Know your industry.


Look for extreme statistics on both ends of the spectrum, and try to figure out what went well and what didn’t. Question discrepancies: Does an email have a high open rate and low CTR? That could mean that either the user got all the information they needed from the email, or that the message wasn’t compelling enough for them to click through.

Other things to consider: If you’re linking back to your own site, what are you doing with them once they are there? It’s often overlooked, but it’s perhaps one of the most important steps to consider. We can help you make sure that the answers, and the journey, don’t stop at the email.

Need more help? Email us and we’ll help get you the answers you need.

Next up….Email Segmentation: When Quality Over Quantity Matters. (Hint: It’s Always)

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