Educational Programs: Whitepapers Versus Webinars

By Stephanie Morino

Educational programs are great to promote your brand as a thought-leader in the industry while also generating qualified leads. But choosing which program to move forward with can be a tough decision: whitepaper or webinar?

While both products offer valuable education to readers/viewers, there are distinct differences in what tends to work for both.


  • Are best for providing in-depth knowledge on a specific industry topic.
  • Cover the “how it works” perspective, oftentimes incorporating case studies and market analyses.
  • Are quick and convenient.
  • Enable users to deep-dive into a topic at their convenience.


  • Attract those further along in the buying cycle. In what we’re calling this current “snackable” era, an attendee giving up 45-60 minutes of their day is a reflection of their level of interest in a certain product/solution.
  • Bring in more highly qualified leads who are usually on the verge of purchasing.
  • Facilitate direct communication between the advertiser and its real-time audience, allowing for more engagement and live feedback.

But why choose? Take your program even deeper by doing both a webinar and a whitepaper by either repurposing content or focus on the same topic with a different approach based upon the buying cycle.

Everyone learns differently: some are visual learners while others prefer to read a book on the subject. Adapting to both will ensure you reach the maximum amount of people who are interested in learning about the subject. Plus, some aspects of a topic lend themselves to a webinar, while a whitepaper can fill in the gaps, or vice versa.

Thankfully, we have a terrific team to help you navigate these programs and ensure your product or topic is getting maximum exposure and you’re receiving the most qualified leads.

Have questions? Email us!

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